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Become a Dealer

The GES Global business opportunity is for people who want:
  • To own and control their own business
  • To work at their own pace, be it full-time or part-time
  • A business that works with one employee (you), or many employees
  • A business that will provide a good living, plus the freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor
  • To help others
  • To be a part of the global energy conservation effort
  • All of these things in an already established and proven business model

Becoming a dealer for GES Global can be one of the most rewarding and profitable opportunities available. We provide our partners the ability to be in business for themselves but not by themselves. It is an opportunity to participate in the ongoing “green” movement by assisting organizations in reducing their energy use. This helps the economy, preserves natural resources, and reduces pollution. There could not be a better time to operate within the energy conservation and efficiency industry given the world’s focus on reduced energy costs and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.

GES Global provides you with all the independence of your own business. You will also receive the benefits of training by one of the leading companies in the field of energy conservation. You have the ability to utilize GES Global established technology and systems and you can follow our proven, powerful marketing program to help you succeed.


What all is included in the GES Global Dealer/Partner programs?

The Complete GES Global System
GES Global has developed and assembled proven technologies that form a complete, generally passive energy savings system that saves electricity on motors, lights, HVAC, refrigeration, etc.

The Technologies
  • Provide significant energy savings
  • Are generally passive and will not alter your customers business operations
  • Does not require any employee involvement on behalf of your customers
  • Require no maintenance
  • Easily installed by locally available contractors or factory trained, independent outside service providers
  • Will not adversely affect your customer’s environment
Your Customer Receives
  • Comprehensive analysis of their electrical use, detailing their costs to operate various loads
  • Real solutions to reduce their electric bill
  • Guaranteed and Insured savings
  • Guaranteed return on their investment that can range, on the average, from 10-30%
  • Reduced equipment maintenance
  • Extended equipment life
  • Reduction of their Carbon Footprint
  • Overall savings of up to 30% or higher

Turn Key Business
The GES Global, LLC. (GES Global) business opportunity is different from most opportunities on the market:
  • No technical experience required
  • You can start immediately as if you’ve been in business since GES Global's founding
  • You’ll be using technologies that have been developed, tested, and proven over many years
  • You’ll be trained to present the business case to your client, gather facility data, present the GES Global generated analysis and energy saving solution proposal (see next item) to your client, and manage the installation of their fast payback electrical energy saving system.
  • The facility data you gather is analyzed by our experienced central staff who will then deliver to you the most effective electrical energy saving system for your client.
  • GES Global provides the knowledge, expertise, tools, support, and the technologies. You provide the initiative.

Low Overhead
Your startup and overhead costs are small
  • You do not have to purchase and stock inventory
  • No need for a store front
  • Minimal to NO employee costs
  • You will not need to order GES Global equipment until the contract is signed by your customer and you have received a substantial deposit, which usually covers the cost of the equipment and labor.

Large Sales with Excellent Profits
GES Global Dealerships offer high financial rewards
  • Systems sold by GES Global Partners average 50% commission or more per sale
  • Average gross profit margin of 50% (based on most recent 12 month data)

Well established training program in:
  • GES Global Technologies
  • Application
  • Solution Sales Methodology

Access to GES Global's Dealership Product Pricing
  • While you’re selling a solution with a defined return-on-investment for your client, the profit margin is generated through the installation of GES Global products
  • Products are only sold through GES Global's channel
  • Authorized Partners can recognize significant profit margins

Unlimited sales and technical support from key GES Global management and staff for:
  • Technical support
  • Sales support
  • Marketing support

Huge Market
Energy has re-emerged as an issue of national and global concern. However, most solutions are largely focused on clean energy, alternative fuels, and the green-tech economy. As a result, Authorized GES Global Dealers will be providing proven energy solutions that are:
  • Proven
  • Immediately available
  • Remarkably inexpensive
  • Geared toward the countless, untapped world of residential, commercial, and industrial facilities of all sizes, all of whom are searching for energy savings

One-Time Fee
Unlike a franchise, an Authorized GES Global Dealership:
  • Only requires a one-time fee of $2,999.00 (USD)
  • Has no royalty or annual licensing costs
  • Offers a $100 (USD) Discount for U.S. Military Veterans

Questions frequently asked:

Is a technical or sales background necessary to be successful as a Partner?

Some successful Partners have had no technical or sales experience at all. GES Global business owners come from nearly every background and profession ranging from truck driver to nuclear physicist. One of the keys to success in this, and any business, is activity.

Do I need an office or a warehouse?

No. Expensive office space is not necessary since you will be visiting your clients at their place of business, not yours. The majority of Partners operate from an office at home. It is not necessary to stock any inventory. Equipment is generally ordered as a "package" for a specific project. GES Global can ship most of your equipment directly to your installer, your client's business, or to you.

Will your products work in countries outside the US?

Yes. GES Global Partners operate independent businesses in more than 60 countries. GES Global's energy saving products work at both 50 and 60 Hz, and at many different voltages.

How do I find customers?

Generally, you will find customers through your own network, your sales people (if you want to have them), trade shows, etc. It's not too difficult to find people who are willing to hear how you might reduce their electric bills by 10% to 30%. Remember, not only are you helping customers to increase their profits, you're also conserving real energy which helps the economy, preserves natural resources and reduces pollution. You'll have several demonstrations you can perform to create excitement with a business person you already know. Additionally, referrals are the number one source of GES Global systems sales.

GES Global Partners operate with no restricted territory.

What kind of profit can I make on a sale?

How much you earn is up to you. You determine how much you sell the GES Global system for, based on the payback period and return on investment desired by your customers. Because every GES Global installation is different, systems can sell for a few thousand dollars and up.

Are there any guarantees?

Yes. There is a guaranteed and insured savings from the GES Global, LLC. (GES). GES Global gives Partners a 10 Year Warranty against defects in material or workmanship on equipment purchased from GES Global. GES Global also furnishes a five-year warranty direct to your customer as a factory warranty.

Does GES Global provide insurance?

GES Global maintains Product Liability Insurance. Sound business practice would require that any business owner carry some form of General Liability insurance. GES Global can recommend insurance brokers for GES Global Partners.

How much does it cost to become a GES Global Partner?

The current price for a GES Global Dealership is a one-time fee of $2,999.00 (USD).

How do I become a Partner?

It's very easy to become a GES Global Partner. Contact us and one of our Dealer Development Executives will walk you through the simple steps and paperwork necessary to get you on the path to your new career.

This is just the beginning of the story! To learn more, please navigate through this website. You will find a wealth of information about GES Global and your business opportunity. We hope that you will recognize the great opportunity that is available to you and take the next step and become a GES Global Partner/Dealer.

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