To whom it may concern:

Please let me start by stating that I have been in the HVAC industry for over 45 years. I have in that time tested and installed many types of electrical systems and large motor control devices. I have found that the biggest problems that I see are related to motors not having the proper voltage applied to them at the moment of start-up and, a steady supply of voltage through the run cycle of the motor. Because of these two factors motors will often run very hot causing premature motor failure.

I have for the past 24 months have tested a newly developed power factor and Voltage balancing device that seems to bring the voltage to within 1 to 1.5 volts phases to phases and the power factor to near unity. The A/C compressor and motors that this unit has been applied to come to there full speed with less delay and much less heat in the motor. We all know that the worst two enemies of an electric motor are heat and low voltage.

Mr. Jerry Johnson has with his device solved two of the major problems found with electrical motors on HVAC equipment today.

Robert A. Hamm