Dear Sirs, Having retired after 53 years in the electrical business as an owner, project manager, and estimator, I had the opportunity of exploring an amazing new electrical product. It was a Black Hawk power conditioning system distributed by GES Global. Amazing because of the multitude of positive changes made to the electrical system.

I compared two identical pieces of equipment with the same motors. One had the power conditioner installed, the other without. I was able to determine the following results due to the power savor.

1. Balanced voltages across all phases.

2. A considerable reduction in amps.

3. Absolutely no power spikes.

4. Power Factor raised to 98%. (Note: a load that causes a low power factor will draw more current than a load with a high power factor for the same amount of usable or useful power.)

5. The motor was completely cool, after hours of continuous running.

My conclusion is that considerable savings would be realized in energy cost, maintenance savings, and savings on equipment replacement due to lifespan.

As I stated above it is an amazing new product.

Robert Sadler