To Whom It May Concern:

After earning my Masters of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and Law Degree, I pursued a career as a patent attorney with Phillips Petroleum Company, retiring as General Patent and Licensing Counsel. After retirement, I became Of Counsel to Hovey Williams LLP and continued my career in intellectual property, primarily as an advisor to start- up companies. I serve in that capacity with GES Global.
In my 36 year career, I have seen many major innovations that worked, and I have seen some developments that appeared to be innovative, but that did not work. This has led me to some degree of skepticism. I must admit this was my first reaction to the Black Hawk Energy Saver. I was interviewed briefly by Nashville's Channel 5 News in 2010 and I told the reporter about my "too good to be true" reaction. However, I went on to state that my skepticism had been overcome by the fact that the Energy Saver "worked over and over" in the trials Black Hawk had run to that date.

Now, over two years later, I can again state that the Energy Saver has worked over and over. However, this statement is based on actual installations and not just trials. In 2010, my reference to "work over and over" referred to energy savings. Since then, "working over and over" also includes brighter lights, reduced maintenance costs in large facilities, and reduced recycle of off-spec products in manufacturing operations. It still seems too good to be true, but the product simply keeps on working.

Very truly yours,
By: Allen Richmond Of Counsel