Dear Sirs,
I would like to express my thoughts on the Black Hawk Powerhouse 208/240 unit that has been installed on my commercial restaurant.

When Mr. Jerry Johnson came to me almost 2 years ago wanting to install an energy saving device on my newly built 1500 square foot facility I had my reservations. I would now like to say that this unit has been on my location for over 19 months that it is doing all that Black Hawk said it would do and more.

I have had a significant increase in business vs. the year prior to installing this unit. That being said my bill should have increased in comparison to the increased business (4/08 thru 2/09 compared to 4/09 thru 2/10) but my bills have dropped! I have spoken with many of the experts that have been out here to examine the unit and they are also very impressed with the drop in amperage draw Kwh consumption.

Along with the savings of Kwh, I have had no problems with voltage drops or spikes since installing the unit. The motors on the compressors for refrigeration and the air conditioner are running flawlessly. A product like this is what a small business man needs to stay competitive in this tight business environment.

With Sincere Thanks.

Johnny Matlock