Electric Saver 1200 F.A.Q.

Is the Electric Saver 1200 UL Listed and CuL listed?
Yes, our products have all been thoroughly safety tested and meet the safety requirements by UL. In fact, our facility is randomly inspected several times a year to ensure you are receiving top notch safe equipment. Our UL & CuL file number is listed directly on UL’s website here: U.S.A. / Canada

Does your equipment have Product Liability Insurance?
Yes, we as the product manufacturer carry a $2M dollar policy to protect you and your loved ones.

Why is the Electric Saver 1200 much more Budget Friendly Compared to Other Brands?
We are a family owned and operated business proudly manufacturing quality MADE IN USA products here in Okeechobee, FL. We pass along the savings to you. Our mission is to provide an affordable Electric Saver 1200 to every family worldwide to improve your way of life. We at Electric Saver 1200 are here to help you lower your energy bills.

Will the Electric Saver 1200 work in my country?
Yes, our residential units work on 50 & 60 Hz for all voltages worldwide up to 240v. Works on 110, 220, or 240v worldwide. No conversion to the product is needed. Click the Buy It Now button and your unit will be shipped out right away.

Does the Electric Saver Operate Properly if I have Solar?
Yes, this product helps your property’s motors become more energy efficient. When your motors/appliances/equipment (A/C, Heat Pump, Washer/Dryer, Refrigerator, Freezers, Water Pumps, etc.) are more efficient, they will require less energy. This will help your solar panel system be able to provide more benefits for you and your property. If you are selling electricity back to the utility provider, this will truly put more money in your pocket.

How Many Electric Savers do I Need?
Usually a home needs 1 unit. Average homes across the USA (2000 square feet or less) need 1-Electric Saver 1200. If you have multiple air conditioners, pool pumps, elevators, motor driven equipment, etc. call us, we can help you find what is best for your particular property.

– Electricity Bill Savings up to 25%, sometimes more if you have older inefficient equipment/wiring!
– Installs in 20 minutes to an electric panel or directly to a motor (Instructions included for both options)
– Includes 20 Year Warranty
– Installation Instructions & Pictured Wiring Diagram Included.
– Proudly Manufactured in Okeechobee, FL- We proudly stamp Made in USA on every unit we build.
– 1 year Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you have NOTHING to lose!

How long does the Electric Saver take to install?
It takes approximately 20 minutes to install.

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