3 Green Chip Devices
HVAC Green Chip

What does it do?

Simple, it wires into any HVAC unit/Refrigeration unit and uses a sophisticated algorithm to control the fan to maximize the efficiency of the heating/cooling/refrigeration system (yes it even works in the winter on HVAC Systems), therefore saving you money on your electric bill. Savings on Electric up to 18% (winter) & 20% (summer) off the heating and cooling consumption and even greater savings on commercial refrigeration (as high as 30%).

Large HVAC Green Chip Photo

The savings documented here are for the installation of a patent pending HVAC Green Chip (GC) that does the following:
1) Adjusts fan operation for heating based on gas valve activation time or furnace operating time or Heat Pump activation time.
2) Adjust fan operation for cooling based on air-conditioning compressor run time.
3) The amount of time the fan continues to operate after the furnace is off or after the compressor is off, varies with the amount of time the furnace or compressor are on.
4) The furnace run time indicates how much heat is stored in the heat exchanger. The air conditioner compressor run time indicates how much cold water is condensed on the evaporator coil.
5) Most non-heat pump furnaces fans operate at low speed and this reduces airflow and heating efficiency. The HVAC Green Chip provides high speed fan operation in heating mode to increase and maximize HVAC heating efficiency and reduce furnace run time.

The HVAC Green Chip outperforms Time Delay/Blower Delay Board by as much as 30%!!
The end result is considerably higher efficiency, no wasted energy, reduced utility costs, all while maintaining maximum comfort.

It is a small device with 6 color coded 20 gauge wires, powered by low-voltage microprocessor circuitry. The common wire is needed to power the device. It connects at the bus bar of the air handler directly (usually by the homeowner or a licensed electrician). This is the easiest way to install the HO. The air handler is usually in the garage or the attic.

It's designed to extend the blower run time based on a sophisticated algorithm to allow the HVAC system to harness any normally wasted heating/cooling energy not previously being used by the HVAC system. After additional cooling/heating energy has been fully extracted, the device will turn the blower motor off.

Heating Efficiency Improvement from HVAC Green Chip
HVAC Green Chip heating efficiency graph

Air Conditioner Sensible EER* Improvement from HVAC Green Chip
HVAC Green Chip energy efficiency graph

The amount of time the device extends the fans runtime varies depending on the length the thermostats' cycling time (up to maximum of 5 minutes of extended run time).

Main Features:
  • Micro processor module that monitors system run times for maximum efficiency.
  • Cutting edge technology tested and proven by Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas & Energy utilities in California with over 20 million customers.
  • Delivers the energy already created by your system that is ordinarily wasted into your home.
  • 10/10 Customers rated a perfect 10 for saving money and maintaining comfortability.
  • Works on ALL HVAC systems with 24 VAC wiring!
  • Installs at the air handler in 10 minutes or less.
  • Unit Size is 3”x 2”x 1”
  • Savings YEAR ROUND on air conditioning AND heating.

This device is cross cutting for use in the commercial market sector and available for use in the residential sector.

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