"Lifetime Surge Protector"

The LSP shields your home or business from powerful surges. Other cheap MOV Surge Protectors take 1 hit and need replacement. This device will take thousands of hits without need replacement, all while keeping your home and electronics safe!
LSP100k Image
Protect your home or business for LIFE! If you move, just take it with you and protect your new home from surges.

*The LSP100k can be installed inside our other products or sold separately.
Contact us with your order specifications!
• Type of Design-Silicon Oxide Varistor (much better than MOV)
• Maximum Current-100,000 amps Maximum Energy-3,000 joules per pole
• Maximum Number of Surges: Unlimited
• Response time one milliamp test: 5 nanoseconds
• Response time to clamp 10,000 amps: 10 nanoseconds
• Response time to clamp 50,000 amps: 25 nanoseconds
• Leak current at double the rated voltage: NONE
• Leads: 36” #12 THHN
• Case Material: PVC
• Locknut and Washer: 1/2”- 3/4”

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