3 Green Chip Devices
HVAC Green Chip

The HVAC Green Chip outperforms Time Delay/Blower Delay Board by as much as 30%!!
The end result is considerably higher efficiency, no wasted energy, reduced utility costs, all while maintaining maximum comfort. It is a small device with 6 color coded 20 gauge wires, powered by low-voltage microprocessor circuitry. The common wire is needed to power the device. It connects at the bus bar of the air handler directly (usually by the homeowner or a licensed electrician). This is the easiest way to install the Green Chip. The air handler is usually in the garage or the attic.


3 Electric Saver Devices
Electric Saver 1200

Designed to help make your home or business more energy efficient. The Electric Saver does this by recycling energy that is normally lost in your electrical system. By making your motors and appliances (such as your A/C, Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer) more energy efficient we can help you lower your electricity bills.

Easily installs in approximately 15-20 minutes. By making the motors in your home more efficient they run cooler and this increases the life of the motors and appliances in your home as well. This product also works as a whole house surge protector. It will safeguard your home’s expensive motors against power surges (up to 2000 joules of heat) and brownouts.


3 Black Hawk Devices
Black Hawk

All electrical energy coming into a facility is known as Apparent Power, and the power we actually use is defined as Real Power. Even though you pay for it, a portion of the power entering your electrical system is lost to ground and never consumed. This is referred to as Reactive Power. The ultimate goal is to bring these two factors, Apparent Power and Real Power, closer together. The Black Hawk is able to accomplish this by capturing this lost voltage, store it and feed it back into your electrical system.

In order to accomplish this, The Black Hawk adds capacitance (stored charge) via a series of capacitors. This enables the unit to capture the Reactive Power, commonly lost to ground, store it, and put it back into the system, evenly across all phases, as it is needed.


3 LSP100k Devices

The LSP shields your home or business from powerful surges. Other cheap MOV Surge Protectors take 1 hit and need replacement. This device will take thousands of hits without needing replacement, all while keeping your home and electronics safe!